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Let’s Talk About the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room: What’s It Going to Be Like Being an Old Dad?

Joe Kennedy Going To Enjoy Being an Old Dad So fun to get to write about being an old dad – and to use my name in the 3rd person …  I was going to write about popular daddy blogs today, but feel like I want to get this topic started – as there could… Continue Reading

Daddy Blogger Survey for Daddy Bloggers – and Mommy Bloggers Too!

Daddy Blogger Survey to Help Publicize Daddy Bloggers Around the World: Hey Daddy Bloggers (and Mommy Bloggers too!) – take the Daddy Blogger Survey.  I want to know more about YOU, so that I can help promote you and your blog!  If you take a few minutes to send me answers to the following questions, I… Continue Reading

57 Days Until Ava Kalea’s Arrival – Chicco Travel System Purchased

Chicco Travel System Purchased 57 Days Before Ava Kalea Arrives Yesterday I bought a Chicco Travel System for Ava Kalea.  Today marks just 57 days until the scheduled arrival of Ava Kalea Kennedy.  She’s supposed to be ready for birth on September 16th – my best friend’s birthday.  In a very strange way, I am… Continue Reading